One Million Butterflies, by Counsellor and Author, Alison Nancye, is a self-paced, 7-Stage, 21 day personal transformation course helping people around the world find their wings to live a life they love.

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The One Million Butterflies initiative was first created by the good people at Good Empire in response to supporting people through fear and uncertainty during the pandemic.

As the initiative grew, so too did the need to support a wider audience, beyond the struggles and stresses of the pandemic. Good Empire enlisted, Counsellor, Author, and Self-Care specialist, Alison Nancye, to create a 21-day course to positively transform people's lives, no matter what their situation or where they lived in the world.

This 7 stage, 21 day program, gives participants the opportunity to re-discover a life they would love to live and find their wings to live that life.

It takes courage to change your life.

But you won’t be doing it alone.

Alison Nancye will guide you through the 21 days of your transformation. You'll also have the support and connection of your One Million Butterflies community.

If deep within, you know it's time to make some much needed changes, time to find your wings; let's get you started on living a life you love.

Simple Yet Powerful Transformation Course

The course is online with extensive video tutorials, audio guides, downloadable pdfs, and optional one-on-one counselling sessions with Alison Nancye.

Each day, over 21 days, you are guided through a series of easy to follow, but profoundly impactful exercises, that focus on personal growth and positive transformation, one area of your life at a time. You will be guided to acknowledge, release, reconnect, refocus, re-priortise, self-care, nurture, build resilience, dream, and find your wings.

Allow 1/2 hour - 1 hour of dedicated time a day, for 21 days. We’re all busy, but if you gave yourself permission, for 21 days, to prioritise you, your needs, your desires; you might just change your life in the best possible way.

Supportive Global Community

You have the freedom and accessibility that comes from being able to do the course online, with the support of a global community.

You’ll have access to a private Facebook Group of Alison Nancye course participants. As a community, we share our experiences, encourage each other, and celebrate, as we find our wings, together.

Words from the community:


"At a time when EVERYTHING I love and count on is either suddenly missing or challenged, I know I will need, as we all will need, lighthouses of soulful connection to buoy this transition in and out of choppy waters.

Those tiny graces of realized shared experience from strangers can shape your day, your week, your outlook.⁠⠀ ⁠

Grateful to be here."


"The thing that struck me most was how much I had hidden away, sometimes coping means I don't do much feeling, I kind of just turned off and kept my head above water. ⁠⠀ ⁠

Starting One Million Butterflies was such permission, permission to let go, to feel, to explore the darkness and re-find the light, it also brought such validation, I didn't even know I needed that.

To feel seen is a powerful thing it turns out! Such a lovely community."⁠⠀


"I loved how One Million Butterflies described exactly what has been going on through my head these past weeks... ⁠

We realised that what we were feeling was grief. We're grieving. Grieving the loss of our lives as we knew them. Grieving the loss of our plans, our dreams. Grieving the loss of stability. Security. Freedom."


"Hi One Million Butterflies!⁠⠀ ⁠

I'm just another random follower, but I just wanted to say thank YOU so much for what you do. I have never really seen any organization or collective start a project like you all have done. Thank you so much for spreading a much needed message of love, human connection, and hope.⁠

Especially during current times, I hope that you are feeling happy, healthy, well, and safe. And if you're not, my best wishes for you to feel better."


"It has been very useful to bring back my awareness and focus. I have a moderate reliance on alcohol and this community has really helped me to see all the positives in my life.⁠

I am so very appreciative."⁠

Program Creator

Alison Nancye

Program Creator & Counsellor

Alison Nancye is a living example of resilience, compassion and personal evolution. She believes we all have the innate ability to heal, grow, reflect and evolve in our humanity towards ourselves and each other.

Author, counsellor, coach and friend, she walks the talk and remains humble and authentic in her own personal revelations and learnings.

Alison is a rare life long learner, with a deep passion for opening doors of opportunity to a better life, simply by holding up a mirror of truth with heartfelt intention.

At her core, Alison is a good human being who aspires to connect to her own wisdom and truth. She knows none of us is any better than another and uncovering self-worth and discovering self-love can be a life long journey, one that's always worth taking.


  • How does the program work?

    The program is all online with extensive video tutorials, audio guides, downloadable pdfs, and optional group or one-on-one online counseling sessions with Alison Nancye.

    Each day over 21 days we guide you through a series of easy to follow but profoundly impactful exercises that focus on healing and transforming one area of your life at a time, helping you acknowledge, release, reconnect, nurture, build resilience, dream, and find your wings.

    All it takes is about an hour of dedicated time a day, for 21 days. We’re all busy, but it’s not really much to put into something that could truly change your life. You really do deserve it.

    You have the freedom and accessibility that comes from being able to do the program online, but with the support of a community.

    You’ll have access to both an intimate private facebook group only for fellow “butterflies” working through the program at the same time as you, and the global One Million Butterflies community.

    And as a community we share our experiences, we encourage each other, hold ourselves accountable and celebrate together as we find our wings, together.

  • What does it cost?

    The cost of the online course is $49.

    The course + one counselling session via zoom is $99.

    You can also try the Introduction module for FREE.

  • Will this program improve my mental health?

    One Million Butterflies is designed to help process the loss, fear and uncertainty in times of big change, like these times we are living through together. Acknowledging our loss, our fears, but also appreciating what we do have, and letting go of burdens that don’t help us.

    Re-connecting more deeply with ourselves, friends and family, our community, and nature. Self-love. Kindness.

    And creating a vision for the life we would like to live, making a plan to bring that to life, and helping take the first step.

    That is what One Million Butterflies is for. All with the support of our team and this beautiful, global community.

    As authors of the One Million Butterflies program, we do not give medical advice or prescribe the use of any techniques in the program as a form of treatment for physical, mental or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the program is only to offer information of a general nature to help you and your emotional well-being.

    Please do not hesitate to seek professional help from a mental health practitioner, psychologist or psychiatrist if you are struggling mentally, emotionally or physically. There are many wonderful organisations around the world that can guide you to find the help you may need, and we have provided some links and contacts here for you, below.

    Support Network

  • Who has created the program?

    The program has been created by author and counsellor Alison Nancye. You can learn more about the team behind One Million Butterflies here.

  • Do I need a facebook account to participate?

    No. We have a private facebook group, where our community connect and share their experiences, it’s a lovely thing to be part of.

    But you need only an email address to register, and receive notifications and program content.

  • Do I have to be impacted by COVID to participate?

    Absolutely not. This is a life-changing program. Whether life has changed for you in a way that is beyond your control, or you are choosing to change your life intentionally, working through the program can help you find clarity, purpose, and yourself.

  • Is this a religious program?

    No. This is a human program. Whatever your background or beliefs, we’re all in this together. This is about universal human themes of loss, fear, courage, self-love, connection and vision. All are welcome, and we ask our community to be welcoming, inclusive and respect the wonderful diversity of thought, race, gender, sexuality and culture.

  • Can I join with friends?

    Yes! In fact, the program is even better to do aligned with a friend, someone to share your experiences with and to hold you accountable.